Our mission is to promote and preserve Detroit’s electronic music legacy and it’s cultural influence by developing programs in education, the arts and community reinvestment.
Detroit is the nexus of Techno Music, one of the most significant musical movements of the 20th century. By integrating technology in novel ways, DJ’s created a new musical form that continues to serve as the template for all of contemporary electronic music.

The history of Detroit Techno Parties is a true folk tradition – information was passed by word of mouth and recorded phone messages gave directions to reclaimed venues, all before the digital record keeping we experience today. The physical markers were transient; destitute industrial spaces that were slated for demolition, club spaces that were here today and gone tomorrow, white label dubplates of big tracks that degrade after each playing. All of this means that our history is at risk of being lost to time. The Detroit Techno Foundation is committed to preserving this history through education, amplification, and conservation.

Want to help contribute? Send us an email at Contribute@DetroitTechno.org