This is a list of current programs, both in development, and currently being implemented. Our funding comes primarily from donations and grants, and all of the programs can only happen with the generous help from our donors, and grants from our sponsorship partners.

Active Programs

CAMP (Community Arts Moving Projects). CAMP (Community Arts Moving Projects) is a program that facilitates large scale art installations for display at the annual Movement Electronic Music Festival, before finding permanent homes for the installations within the local community. CAMP provides both an opportunity and a challenge for local artists to create pieces that reflect the heart and future of Detroit, while taking advantage of the city's unique resources. Since 2010, CAMP has attracted an outstanding array of local artists–diverse in age, culture and career stage. Please visit CAMP’s own website for more information.

DTF Panel Series. Our panel series explores the history of Techno and electronic music through interviews and discussions with the people who made it all happen. Our most recent panel was at University of Michigan Detroit Center, where Juan Atkins, Daniel Bell, and Brendan Gillen discussed the origin of Techno music in Detroit, it relation to the genre’s future. The audio recording from this event is linked on our media page.

DTF Event Series. DTF works with local venues ranging from small art galleries, to major cultural institutions such as Detroit Historical Museum, to create events that both highlight the pioneers of Techno, and the future of the genre. Please sign up for our newsletter to receive future event announcements.

DTF Educational. While DTF has future plans to implement our own educational programs, we support organizations such as Youthville, and Notes for Notes, who offer music education to inner city youth. Electronic music is part of Detroit’s culture and educating people of all ages, and from all geographic regions, will always be a focus of DTF.

Programs in Developmemnt

DTF Online Archives. The Detroit Techno Foundation will become the definitive historical reference on the topic of Detroit Techno from 1985-2000. Today, the vast majority of information on Detroit Techno history comes from label or agent press releases, and personal anecdotes or urban legends relayed third party. Because of the unwarranted negative stigma of techno related events in the media during that era, very little was documented. DTF has strong relationships with the artists, label owners, promoters, and patrons who made it all happen, and has been compiling information to build a time line based database of not just the music, but also the legendary performances, and other significant events. The Detroit Techno Foundation will be available for any media or educational inquiry, and will serve as a point of contact for access to parties of interest such as notable artists.

DTF Educational DTF is developing programs to offer presentation lectures to high schools and universities on the topics of the cultural significance of electronic music, with a focus on the history of Detroit Techno, music production, and technology. DTF is also developing workshops for inner city youth that would be an age appropriate, basic introduction to electronic music and how it’s created, with an emphasis on the cultural significance music has, and how it’s reach is a source of pride for the local community.

DTF Community Reinvestment DTF has plans to implement the city’s most aggressive greening program for recycling waste at large scale festivals and events.

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